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ready to be calm, confident and happy with who you are


You’d be surprised what you'll find inside your kingdom.

Raise your hand if you're struggling with any of the following:

Low energy levels and feeling physically or mentally depleted

Experiencing physical tension, discomfort or even pain

Emotional overwhelm or even emotional pain 

Poor memory, concentration, weak will power

Being restless, fidgety, having sleeping problems

And if you’ve tried all kinds of methods, techniques to get better, but things haven’t noticeably changed, and meanwhile you’ve started to DOUBT these methods, especially YOURSELF. 


Well here's the thing...

EVERYTHING in your body is connected, is a real thing. 

Qi forms this web that weaves everything together.

But what we can only perceive with our ordinary senses is the physical reality. That leads us to see physical things as being a separate entity.

Qi is the foundation of life and health. It's the life force that consists of information, energy and material.

But as much as Qi is the foundation of our life and health, our life force, its intangibility and invisibility to most eyes, makes its acknowledgment to existence most certainly arduous, if not straightforward dismissable. 

If we don’t know that INFORMATION doesn't move itself from A to B, and that it:

has to be carried by ENERGY

is manifesting in MATTER

and if we don’t understand that Qi is the vehicle to do that, we may continue to believe that the power of changing unhealthy information—our bad habits—is all on the brain and our mind.


Understanding human life in the context of "totality" in the universe is a necessity when we truly want to get to know our life to change our health.


Your whole life is part of the totality of the universe, and at the same time it is a totality in itself consisting of:





Human Nature

Shen (true nature)

Our physical body is a more concentrated form of Qi. But also our consciousness, heart and Shen are a form of Qi.  All is connected by Qi, established in our Qi channels throughout the body, manifesting in our organs, cells, in our nerves and neural pathways in the brain.


Qi—mainly the information it carries—plays a leading role in the direction of how something develops—including your health. 


Information is streaming in, is being processed, stored and retained and again conveyed out, all the time. Your thoughts and emotions are streaming in, are being  processed, stored and retained and again conveyed out, all the time, too.


When something happens the Qi and information will be in that place. The Qi and information doesn’t just go away like that. It is there.


Until you actively do something about the condition of your Qi, your body, consciousness, heart, Shen and human nature: 


Same or similar crooked information keeps things changing in the same crooked direction, it is even widening the current autobahn to ease and quicken the crooked traffic flow.

When we can identify the cause of the creation of the crooked information, we cultivate (= correct) this information, it will gradually weaken the current autobahn with the crooked traffic flow, change Qi and it's creating a crossroad, paving a new healthier traffic flow on your autobahn.

To use an analogy here:

When we try to fill a bottle with holes in its bottom, we need to pour water in. Where do we get the water from? We need a source. But then if we have water and we pour the water in, it won’t stay in the bottle, there are holes. We need to fix the holes as well.


Working with Qi is to add more water to the bottle. Still all the Qi we gather won’t stay in our body to nourish us, if we do not care to look after the holes. 


The crooked patterns of the heart and the consciousness—"the crooked game"—are the holes. If they are not identified and changed, they will continue to produce unhealthy behaviour, habits, emotions, and thoughts that cause harm to your Qi, deplete it, and it will continue to change the Qi and the information stored in your body in a crooked way. 


Affecting your health and your life by consuming your driving force, creating health problems and keeping you battling your shadow self.

Let’s tackle the "crooked pieces" on your chessboard of life. 



Work With Me

Work With Me
Option 1


Qi is unavoidable if you want to offer positive and beneficial changes to your health and life.

When you’re looking at the quality of information of your thoughts and emotions you can double-down on two things:

Information that follows the law of Qi and life, strengthens your Qi amount, flow and quality 

Information that goes against the law of Qi and life depletes and blocks your Qi amount, flow and quality

Your body, consciousness and heart—the information retained and stored in there–have a huge influence on your Qi condition, hence your health and life. 


Qi plays a leading role in changing your health and life.

Wherever your focus, your consciousness goes, Qi will follow. Qi is listening.


Oh, that doesn't feel right, it's certainly coming back, I knew it. Oh, it's still there. It will probably never go away completely, I must live with this for the rest of my life. 


Tension, pain, concern, worry, overthinking, anxiety can add to this process, all of which might slow down the process of healing or even hinder it. 


When your mind is continuously rehearsing thoughts accompanied by disturbing emotions and physical sensations, this focus is a process of reinforcing the information, energy and matter in your Qi. Your consciousness gets connected to it and at the same time brings Qi to continue to reinforce the unhealthy information. 


Because Qi is listening.

Now you might say, well then I change my negative thoughts with positive ones and direct my Qi to change into that direction, right?!


Of course to a large extent your consciousness leads the direction of how Qi changes. BUT

Your consciousness is not a separate entity, it forms a totality with the heart and Shen, and they are all connected with human nature, the body and your Qi. 


Saying you're changing your negative thoughts with positive thoughts is an initial stage of cultivating (= correcting) your consciousness, but your thoughts are not alone on the chess board.


No piece moves alone. Not even your consciousness.


There is Qi retaining and storing information, there are the patterns of the consciousness, the patterns of the heart, human nature…they all are connected, they all work together—for the better or worse. 


Without taking into consideration:

the totality of all pieces

a deeper understanding of each of their tasks and jobs 

how they are connected and work together

the law of Qi and the laws of life

it is almost impossible to create fundamental change of your health and life.


Every activity uses Qi, and every activity is a form of information. And this information has qualities. These qualities determine whether your thoughts, emotions and what you do can be nourishing to your life or more harmful.


In the course "The Piece Qi" we are starting to learn the basics of the theory of Qi and its laws, and we will learn 2 fundamental methods, Tian Yuan and Di Yuan, the first and second method of the Yuan Qigong life cultivation system for "Gathering and Nourishing Qi" and "Achieving Integration & Unification in Stillness".

Both methods will be supporting you to initiate correction

(= cultivating life) to your Qi and the totality of a human life.



To improve your Qi condition, build up the amount of Qi, to promote the Qi flow in the body and unblock Qi blockages

To cultivate the ability to focus inwards instead on the external, which lays the foundation to get to know yourself better for changing your life

To cultivate the unification of body, Qi and Jingshen (consciousness, heart and Shen) to manifest a relaxed, calm, natural and joyful state—a state of a healthy life

To understand life better and to decipher your crooked habits, thoughts, emotions, and needs to improve your overall state of your Jingshen


Most importantly it serves as a foundation to go inwards to change information.

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Decipher your shadow kingdoms' messages in my one-on-one programme, Reclaim Your Control.

This programme is unlike any programme you've been part of before. It is an endeavor inside your shadow kingdom and the "crooked game" (yes, I'll show you what's keeping you scared and making you say "eww!") with a fully certified Yuan Qigong life cultivator.

Reclaim Your Control is for you if: 


You have already started working with Qi—your physical body and Qi condition—and want to continue your work changing the "crooked pieces" on the Jingshen (consciousness, heart and Shen) level


You’ve build the foundation to go more inwards and you’re open to be vulnerable by facing your shadow kingdom with honesty and sincerity 


You’re curiosity pushes you forward to decipher your shadow kingdoms’s messengers instead of battling them


You’re determined to unmask the "crooked game" and cultivate with courage your kingdom

Want an experienced life cultivator on your side while endeavoring inside your kingdom?

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