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Take back control of your life with Mirjam Blank



Ren Xue | Yuan Qigong is a life cultivation system based on Chinese Wisdom Culture. It is a discipline to get to know yourself better and to change yourself for the better.


Qigong has been designed to maintain good health and resolve health problems. But its effects are not limited to this. Traditionally it has been used in a way to build a foundation for the development of "Jingshen". This word encompasses the unity of the consciousness, heart and Shen (your life’s true essence, your true nature). 


Qigong dates back at least 5,000 years to when ancient Chinese recognized that Qi was the most basic building block in the universe and came to understand the role of Qi in physical health and life cultivation. 


Methods were developed to promote the Qi flow, clearing Qi blockages, improve the quality in order to promote better health and a higher level of consciousness.


The main reason people take up Qigong practice is to deal with health problems, and it is for the health benefits, which have been well documented in the research, that Qigong is mostly known. Those documented benefits are not just real but also extraordinary. 


Qigong works on the whole body, supporting and strengthening it in every way, rather than on just a specific part or system. 


As physical symptoms are the manifestation of unhealthy Qi and information, recurrences of illness treated only on the physical level are common. Qigong practice clears physical symptoms by clearing unhealthy Qi and information. 


When we try to fill a bottle with holes in its bottom, we need to pour water in. Where do we get the water from? We need a source. But then if we have water and we pour the water in, it won’t stay in the bottle, there are holes.

We need to fix the holes as well.


Working with Qi is to add more water to the bottle. Still all the Qi we gather won’t stay in our body to nourish our life, if we do not care to look after the holes; the (crooked) information that is being created by your Jingshen. 


Working only on Qi alone is not enough to achieve a very good Qi condition. Why? Because Qi has a master. 

There is something that can actually control Qi. You might already know what that is: your Shen, consciousness and heart–also called Jingshen—as they form a unity.

Every activity uses Qi, every activity is a form of information. 

Every thought, or emotion, everything we do is a form of information. 

And what we do, think or feel is a form of creating. So we are creating information all the time. The information we create carries qualities. The quality of the information determines whether this information is more nourishing or more depleting, whether it is more healthier or less healthier. 

This  information is stored and retained in Qi, and it determines what quality it has, in which direction it is developing, and also if and how change takes place. 


Because Qi, energy, information and material does not change itself just like that, if it's the same or similar (crooked) information, things keep changing in that direction (this can also be reinforcing (crooked) information), if it’s healthier information things are changing in a more healthier direction. 

Life cultivation means correcting. And things do not correct themselves. 

What is the main driver of our life? Right, information.

The change of information depends on the constant feed of the QUALITY of information that is being put into information. 


Until the cause of crooked information is not changed, the information that is there will keep changing in that direction, creating crooked outcomes, health and life problems. The effects will continue to strengthen the crooked information. Cause–effect–cause–effect. This can become an endless loop of reinforcing crooked information unless the cause gets changed. 

Again, when you want to fill a bottle with holes in its bottom: you need water to fill it BUT you need to look at the holes and start fixing them at some point too, otherwise you will never stop the water from dripping out (depleting your Qi and life force further).

Yuan Qigong is designed to fundamentally transform and uplift Jingshen, as the master of your Qi, body and overall life. 

Yuan Qigong life cultivation focuses on the whole life rather than on a specific part. 

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