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About Uniquely You. Uncover Yourself


Oh hi, I'm Mirjam.

I'm a business graduate with specialization in marketing and communications. I worked many years in advertising agencies and was part of creating award winning and sparkly big campaigns in the advertisement and commercial industry. 


In those days the only way I saw for myself to keep up to be successful and "sparkly", and to keep being part of this creative world was to use tactics such as people-pleasing, perfecting, proving, pushing hard, distracting, ignoring, numbing my emotions and feigning the pain and struggle of the not-so-sparkly-Mirjam-campaign-department on the inside. 


The battle kept on going for decades, until the shadow self took over and became the main ruler of my kingdom. 


After many years of fighting with anxiety and depression, I decided to do something different—something the shadow self was afraid of, and tried its best to hide from me of seeing.


I became an avid life cultivator and practitioner of a life cultivation system called Ren Xue that is based on disciplines belonging to the Chinese wisdom culture, including Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Qigong, the martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


...and I went on an endeavor into my shadow kingdom.


To finally get to know myself better in order to re-shape and change myself for the better. 


Today I am a fully certified Yuan Qigong life cultivation teacher, and I run small-group courses or individual classes that teach people how to embrace and decipher the messengers of their shadow kingdom instead of battling their shadow self.

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