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How to reclaim your control with Uniquely You. Uncover Yourself


Mirjam supports caretakers stop getting consumed by their negative emotions and
get their inner drive back. 


You are a caretaker who mostly loves what you do. You feel a calling to help and support whether it’s people, animals or nature. You’re great in what you do, I’d say even pretty awesome! Life is though extremely hectic and requires your full attention: work, family and your entrusted ones. It’s demanding, but you’re damn good at navigating and organising so that things go smoothly. Life does not always feel good or satisfactory, but things usually work out for you anyways. You found your way through. However, things have changed. 

For some time now you're feeling overwhelmed. This kind of feeling is eating up your energy and motivation. 

Now overwhelm has gained the upper hand in your life and it's consuming you on all levels: physically, emotionally and mentally. You can’t get yourself up and get your things done, it's so damn hard to focus and concentrate. You feel how you let yourself slip. All gets more frustrating, annoying and disheartening. Everything just feels so heavy and negative.


You try everything to feel good and positive again, you try to motivate yourself, that you should do better, but all you feel is disappointment that you can't do better. No matter what you're trying and doing, nothing's moving you any further out of the misery you're feeling you're trapped in. 

You don’t know what else you can do to get rid of all these negative emotions!


Because you want to be the happy, confident and thriving person you're envisioning yourself to be. 


You might not absolutely be sure what you want out of life, but it’s definitely not feeling those overwhelming negative emotions day in and day out, or your pale shadow telling you, you can't do it, all you do is not enough.

Will I ever get out?

I know, how your life is right now isn’t working for you! I know that this matters to you because you want to take back control of your life, feel your confidence and get your inner drive back. I know that you’re seriously terrified that this is how your life’s gonna be forever: tiredness, overwhelm, constant noise. Drive-less. Joy and ease are far off. Second guessing your decisions. Procrastinating. Leaving things unfinished.

But as long as you’re caught up in this vicious cycle, feeling calm, light and being confident again, actually really taking back control of your life, and getting that inner drive back...

will remain a glimmer on the horizon at best.

You don't need a wand, more time or luck!



That’s what I help caretakers do: take courageous action to stop battling themselves, and fearing their negative emotions and their shadow self. 

By creating do-able action steps towards deciphering their emotions' messages and re-igniting their inner drive, they are stepping out of the shadow kingdom.

Getting your inner drive and confidence back, and feeling good enough again.

No pretending, no wearing masks, no more fighting.


„Uniquely  You. Uncover Yourself.“ shines light on what’s consuming your inner drive and keeping you in the endless battle with your negative emotions and shadow self. This eBook will help anyone who’s ready and wants to experience  change in their life. 

Work with Mirjam Blank to reclaim your control and become confident again


Ready to step out of the never-ending-ever-repeating battle with your negative emotions and your shadow self, and want to restore the wellbeing of your kingdom?


From our first session, I have been impressed by Mirjam’s dedication and enthusiasm. This energy has been very essential in creating a good connection with her. The impact she has had in my life and on my mindset has been tremendous and I give most of the credit to Mirjam’s approach. The provision of different meditation exercises and other techniques have enabled me to be in tune with my emotions and understanding the message they relay. Apart from this, she is a great listener and her ability to reframe my thoughts has been of great assistance. Having Mirjam, though spontaneous, happened at the right moment in my life. I am very grateful for the guidance and dedication she has accorded me so far.

Faiz, Kenya

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