What to expect:

You see stopping to battle your emotions and yourself, isn’t just about changing the negative cycle that's constantly reinforcing how you feel, or changing the crooked views we've learned we should live by — it’s not just about these factors.


Well, without getting more insight on them, you’ll not be able to break that never-ending vicious cycle, believe me. It’s actually many "crooked  chess pieces" that come together and that are keeping your own individual "crooked chess game of life” in full swing. 


You'll get insights and different perspectives from me about what’s keeping you battling your emotions and shadow self 

Which will help you to gain deeper clarity of what you're doing or not doing to change course of your kingdom, cause what you don't see or understand you cannot change 

You'll get inspiring stories of my kingdom and you'll  peak behind the scenes

You'll hear from me every other Thursday

PS: Make sure my email is in your primary tab when you check your inbox. And if you’re NOT a Gmail or Yahoo user and you easily found my email exactly where you want nothing!